How To Order Your Contact Lenses Online

Ordering contact lenses has never been easier. Unlike the old days when you needed to traipse to your local opticians and it felt very similar to going to your dentist or GP, nowadays you don’t even have to go out of your front door.

  1. Choose online

If you know which brand you want, then you don’t need to read these next few sentences. If you don’t, then here’s how to find the best contact lenses for you. Simply go to any number of online opticians’ websites and click on the menu, which should bring up exactly what you need for your precious eyes. You can just go ahead and search alphabetically or search in terms of price or popularity. You can also select in terms of lens type, brand, monthly contact lenses, daily contact lenses, extended wear lenses. Assuming you’ve already had a consultation with an actual optician who has done a check on your actual eyes, you can go ahead and order the exact lens you need.

  1. Fill in the blanks

If you know what you want you can enter all your details in the relevant page and go ahead to the next page. You’ll need access to your original eye test; however, if for some reason you don’t have it, don’t worry. Under current EU regulation it is possible to go ahead and make your order without submitting your prescription up front. If you have a used contact lens box you will find all the relevant information there, in terms of what particular requirements you have. Don’t forget to check that both your left and right eye need the same prescription; sometimes they will require slightly different measurements.

  1. Virtual basket case

You’re now ready to check out, after you’ve added want to want to your online basket. Note that some brands will have generous discounts if you order a certain number of boxes, or will treat you to free delivery. Your online check-out will confirm your order before you pay, allowing you to review exactly what you’re ordering for each eye, and how much you’re ordering.

Once you’re happy that everything’s in order, and your billing address and delivery date are all in place, you can click that final button and place the order. You may even want to click for reminders, so that you will be automatically reminded to order subsequent pairs. As with so many websites, these days, there will often be an online ‘live chat’ function, so no need to wait endlessly on call-waiting, if you have a question.

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